All sales are final. Registrations ticket and other sales for Leviosa 2019  are non-refundable. All transfers must be completed no later than June 1st, 2019 or the unused tickets will be forfeited. All transfers must be done with the knowledge of the Leviosa 2019  organizers via an email to Each Badge must be used by the same person (the “Attendee”) for each day of the Event. Leviosa  operating hours, schedules, guests and speakers are subject to change or cancellation without notice. Each Badge is a revocable license to attend the Con. Leviosa/Switch and Flick Enterprises reserves the right, at the sole discretion of the event organizers, to refuse entry to any person(s) who pose a threat or might be a detriment to the convention, its attendees, or staff.
By accepting this Badge and attending the Event, the Attendee freely and voluntarily agrees to these terms and conditions.