Have a great idea for a YA novel?  Here is your chance to pitch your idea to a Literary Agent who specializes in YA fiction.    This add-on event is available to registered Leviosa 2019 attendees for $20.

Attendees who have purchased the pitch session ahead of the convention will get 10 minutes to either pitch our literary agents a manuscript, or just ask general questions about the industry. Pitch session information will be emailed prior to the convention, but you can check at the Registration Desk if you misplace your session information. Please arrive five minutes before your first pitch so we can check you in.

Please fill out this form to sign up for a pitch session.


Once we confirm that you are a registered Leviosa attendee we will sent you a payment link and confirmation of your session time.  There are a limited number of sessions available so first come, first serve.

Meet one of these awesome Literary Agents:

Carlie Webber

Carlisle Webber, Fuse Literary

She considers herself to be an editorial agent and holds a Professional Certificate in Editing from University of California, Berkeley. She belongs to the American Copy Editors Society and Bay Area Editors’ Forum. When editing, she aims to make a book the best possible version of itself, shaping it in a way so it can best use its unique voice to appeal to a wide audience. Carlisle is looking for high-concept commercial fiction in middle grade, young adult, and adult. If your book is fresh and exciting, tackles difficult topics, reads like a Shonda Rhimes show, or makes readers stay up late turning pages, she’s the agent for you.

Diverse authors are encouraged to submit their fiction. Within the genres she represents, Carlisle is especially interested in stories by and about people of color; with both visible and invisible disabilities and illnesses; who are economically disadvantaged; who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or queer; or who are members of religious minorities. Take a look at her manuscript wish list. But if you don’t write exactly what’s on her list, don’t worry! She’s happy to look at any work that falls into the categories she represents.

Emily KeyesEmily S. Keyes, Fuse Literary

Emily loves reading books that make her feel like she is entering someone else’s brain. Voice and emotion are very important to hook her on a project. She loves all types of young adult and middle grade books. Her #MSWL right now includes a diverse YA fantasy in a non-western setting, particularly those based on real historical periods, middle grade stories that kids will WANT to read (if your goal is to “teach kids stuff”, I probably don’t want to read it), upmarket women’s fiction, and unique science fiction and fantasy.

Emily is also looking for a select list of commercial fiction which includes fantasy & science fiction, women’s fiction, along with pop culture and humor titles. She is not looking for poetry, short stories, screenplays or anything that is “publishable” and not amazing.