About the Team

Team Leviosa is made up of volunteers who have a variety of experience organizing fan conferences.

Alexandra Black

Alexandra is a Slytherin with a sprinkle of Ravenclaw. She has volunteered at various cons and she ran Leviosa 2016 registration. She is looking forward to being impressed by the creative programming ideas Leviosa 2019 attendees come up with.

Marize Alphonso

Marize has a Ravenclaw head but gives Hufflepuff hugs. At Leviosa, she’s looking forward to watching fans blossom creatively and connect with others with the same interests. Other than organizing this convention, her main foray into fandom is reading (far too much) fanfiction [Fic recs here!]. Find her online: TwitterInstagramGoodReads, or even Pinterest

Jenn Clack
Special Guests/Finance

Jenn is a Ravenclaw living in muggle Arkansas. She has been organizing fan cons since 2005 and still loves it. She looks forward to seeing old friends and making new ones at Leviosa.  

Mary Markovinovic
PR Chair

Mary is a Gryffindor at heart but works as hard as a Hufflepuff while wishing she were smart as a Ravenclaw so she wouldn’t have to work so hard.  She’s been active in the HP community since Infinitus 2010 and is excited to be part of this planning team.
On Twitter @Marypao

Robyn Jordan
Fandom Programming

Robyn Jordan is the co-founder and chief community officer of Black Girls Create, Robyn has been a nerd since her first Scholastic school fair and is a strong advocate for constant vigilance.

Porshéa Patterson
Vendor Coordinator

Porshéa Patterson is the public opinion research associate for The Opportunity Agenda, a social justice communication lab in New York. She consults with allies in the field to identify and obtain pertinent research needs in the areas of immigration, criminal legal reform, and poverty. Porshéa holds an MA in international educational development at Teachers College, Columbia University, and a BA in political science from Lincoln University, Pennsylvania. She also volunteers as the Research Team Lead for the Harry Potter Alliance and is a frequent contributor to Black Girls Create. Follow her on Twitter: @Porshea_obvi