A Totally Awesome StarKid Panel at Leviosa!

Leviosa 2019 wouldn’t be totally awesome without StarKid!  The several members of the team behind “A Very Potter Musical” (and more)  will be joining us.  Come meet Jeff Blim, Joe Moses, Dylan Saunders, Jaime Lyn Beatty, and Brian Rosenthal.

The team will talk about their experiences with StarKid productions which is currently celebrating their 10th anniversary (can you believe it?) at a general session panel.  Afterwards, they will offer an autograph session (at an additional cost).

StarKid will be at Leviosa 2019 on Saturday, June 29 only. Since this is a late addition to our program, we will be offering special discounted prices for basic registration between now and June 14th.  Daily Passes are also available. Get your tickets today

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